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Want to meet Singles but tired of one-on-one dates. We offer an amazing variety of parties that you can host or attend. There's a party going on right now.

Select a friend to be your doubles partner. You'll appear in the Doubles Gallery with each friend that you choose. You can host or attend exciting double dates or parties.

When you're burnt out by the singles game, it can help to gain some outside perspective. That's where our professional dating and relationship coaches come in.

There's nothing wrong with traveling solo but great travel experiences are more special when you have like-minded people to share them with. We help Singles meet other travelers who have similar interests and love to travel to exciting places. 

For many singles the cost of living in the City requires finding a roommate. We're here to make the roommate search easier. Find like-minded people to build the perfect home.

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How It Works

SinglesUp offers the most exciting variety of IRL activities for Singles. Sign up and have the ultimate singles experience. You may even meet your soulmate.





Nothing beats an evening out with a group of new friends. This could be the beginning of many lifelong friendships.


Create a profile to gain access to an 

amazing assortment of Singles activities.


After a long stressful day at work, it's great to unwind with a fun group of Singles with similar interests and values.

Schedule drinks with a potential partner. All members have access to FREE one-on-one dates including free chat and search. Have

fun, relax and see if there's a spark.

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“The host and cohost did an incredible job of selecting the perfect group of men and women for their party. The guests had so many similar interests, that I was comfortable talking to everyone at the party.”


"Using SinglesUp will be such a great change to my dating routine. Using one website that offers the amazing variety of singles activities is the perfect way to optimize the dating experience in this new decade.”



“A group brunch as a first date? What a great idea! In a rapidly changing social scene, we need a dating platform that keeps up. I can’t wait to host a party or plan a dinner.”


“Before I even went on a date, I knew that I would love using SinglesUp. I’ve always hated the swipe left-swipe right dynamic, and having a singles lifestyle site to explore and cater to my specific dating needs is exactly what I’ve been missing.” 


“I’ve tried every dating site on the market, and SinglesUp truly offers something different. I feel like a kid in a candy store with so many exciting singles activities to choose from. The ability to have this level of control over my dating life is awesome.”


“You know how they say variety is the spice of life...that’s what I get from SinglesUp. This type of variety is perfect for a young person living in a big city today. The number of activities to meet other singles is amazing.”